Spark+: The provider of ready-made WEB3 solutions presentation.

Online-event by ITLEADERS Venture Capital Company
Wed, Aug 30, 2023, 12:00 — 12:45 PM (Dubai Time)

Calling all future clients and development partners/agencies! You’re cordially invited to a groundbreaking event where we unveil Spark+, the ultimate provider of ready-made WEB3 solutions for building large-scale IT systems. With our cutting-edge modules, developed through extensive Blockchain Research and Development, we can empower your business like never before.

Our portfolio boasts over 15 pre-built solutions, covering a remarkable 50 to 100% of the necessary functionality for most systems. Whether you operate in banking, social media, trade, or any other field, our modules are designed to fit seamlessly, with up to 70% already completed. Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles and embrace the speed and efficiency of Spark+.

Join us and discover how our License model enables you to effortlessly integrate our modules into your system. Plus, we’re eager to learn about your immediate needs, so please fill out the form and let us know how we can best serve you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your business with Spark+!

We have a special offer for our future clients:

We use our own ready-made solutions and a payment system based on licenses, which will allow you to get almost any solutions much faster and cheaper than from ordinary developers. We can also offer to rent a ready-made pilot of your future WEB3 system! We can very quickly assemble for you a pilot project of almost any WEB3 system with limited functionality. It will belong to us, and you will be able to use it under your brand.

We have a special offer for development partners:

We offer cooperation to integrators and developers. You can reduce your system development costs by 90% and get the opportunity to provide additional service for your customers. We provide ready-made WEB 3 integration solutions. We train, accompany, and advise. We share the installation payment, License payments all the time using our modules. We share with the best partners the integration orders coming to us.

Our Market Ready & White Label Solutions:

  • Fintech & Crypto Banking Wallets, Payments & NFC, Crowdfunding
  • Social Media & Community Building
  • Voting & Ballots
  • Document Issuance & Verification
  • Lotteries & Gaming
  • Decentralized Finance & NFTs
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Workforce Development
  • Trading Platforms
  • Study and education
  • Other

Details of the event:

Date: August 30, 2023.
Project: SPARK+ development/tech/web3/blockchain/fintech.
Target audience: clients, partners. Integrator and developing companies.

For cooperation:


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