Registration and relocation

Smart registration and relocation of startups to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) can provide huge opportunities:

Do not register startups in the UAE, KSA, or other countries of the world as a regular legal entity until we tell you what subsidies you can qualify for and what government assistance you can receive. In many cases, you can not only reduce the cost of registering a company and maintaining it for 3-5 years to almost zero, but also, for example, receive visa subsidies for you and your employees for several years. Other options include getting a Golden visa, receiving rental subsidies or subsidies on your employees’ salaries, and much more! The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Arab countries have truly unique opportunities and the strongest support infrastructure for startups! We try to provide as much information about these opportunities as possible both on our platform and at our events, but if you need help, just write to us.

Write to us, and we will tell you about the existing opportunities, and if you want, we will help you take advantage of them.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are unique gateways to the GCC and MENA markets, as well as to the global venture capital market. Among our partners are hundreds of Arab hubs, accelerators, incubators, corporations, and free economic zones, which will not only make your startup a legal entity but also provide many other opportunities: subsidies, grants, acceleration, investors, partners, clients, networking, PR, and marketing! We have already helped hundreds of startups and will be happy to help you, too.

A startup is not just a company, which is why you should carefully approach the process of registering it in the UAE or the KSA. Not only money is at stake, but also unique opportunities for your startup.


Depending on the stage of your startup, we can offer various options for cooperation:

  • We will make you a resident in one of the Hubs suitable for your startup.
  • We will choose the best accelerator or incubator for your startup.
  • We will attract subsidies and grants both for starting the startup and developing it in the future.
  • We will choose the most relevant free economic zones that will provide you with the best opportunities!
  • We will help you attract investment from Arab funds and investors.
  • We will help you attract strategic partners in the Arab world.

Our relationships with startups are built on trust, honesty, and the desire to achieve joint success. We don’t sell anything — we help hundreds of startups around the world grow and develop. We know almost everything about registering and relocating startups to the UAE, KSA, and other Arab countries.

We believe that this is a truly unique opportunity for startups and projects from all over the world. Just leave a request, and we will contact you to tell you more:


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