Fundraising and investments

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab world have a unique venture capital infrastructure that allows us to successfully attract almost unlimited investments for strong startups, and we know how to do it. Unfortunately, we cannot independently raise investments for all projects that come to us, but we still do our best to help you, as well as to develop the startup community and venture capital infrastructure of the MENA region and the world, and we also offer startups and projects several options for cooperation at once!

How we work:

  • We select a number of startups every month that we offer to look for turnkey investment solutions or that we invest in ourselves. To be among these startups, simply register in our catalog. It is worth mentioning that the catalog is also viewed by other investors, partners, and consulting companies. You can not only post information about your startup on our platform for free, but also publish news about the development of your project every month.
  • You can use our Tracking service where we will help you attract investments as efficiently as possible and organize a funding round yourself. We will share our experience and contacts and continuously support your project.
  • You can use our Roadshow service where we will arrange 5 or 10 meetings for you with funds or investors from the UAE, KSA (Saudi Arabia), and the MENA region.
  • You can use the free information about funds and investors on our platform and independently present your project to them. Additionally, make sure you’re caught up on the publications and news from the funds as you may fund important information there.
  • We also offer a paid service where our specialists will organize a funding round for you, which is suitable for startups that have a budget and funding. We do not undertake to attract investments for your project, but we guarantee that we will do everything in our power to utilize our experience, connections, and unique opportunities in the UAE, KSA (Saudi Arabia), and the MENA region to professionally assist your project.


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  • Registration in the UAE and Arab countries with subsidies and Hub support
  • Accelerators, incubators, grants, development programs
  • Startup Roadshow with investors in the UAE
  • Organization of the investment round
  • Become a co-investor in the best projects in the UAE
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  • The project has revenue
  • Ready MVP
  • Completely ready
  • A legal entity is founded
  • Private investments have already been attracted
  • Investments of funds have already been attracted
  • Participated in accelerators or incubators
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