ITLEADERS is a project created to develop the international venture capital market in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC and MENA countries, as well as to help startups and venture capitalists. We provide the best startups from all over the world with an opportunity to take advantage of the unique venture capital infrastructure of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC and MENA countries, as well as to receive information about and get access to development and support programs, subsidies, accelerators, incubators, grants, and investments.

We provide ongoing support to hundreds of startups from the CIS, Asia, Africa, Europe, and other regions by offering tracking programs, organizing funding rounds, helping with subsidies and relocation, and much more. Our activities have allowed us to create an international platform for startups and venture capitalists. Our offices are located in the UAE (head office) and in Russia (CIS office). Our areas of interest include Arab countries (UAE, KSA, and the GCC and MENA countries), Asian countries (ASEAN and India), CIS, and Russia, as well as the global market. We know almost everything about the venture capital market and work to develop it every day.


  • The UAE, Saudi Arabia, the GCC and MENA countries
  • Subsidies, grants, government support for startups
  • Accelerators, hubs, incubators, development programs
  • Startup tracking for startups at any stage
  • Creating and managing venture capital funds
  • Supporting venture capital investments from private and corporate investors, as well as funds
  • Organizing funding rounds and attracting investments to startups
  • Helping startups enter the Arab and Asian markets, as well as the global market
  • Attracting strategic partners in the Arab and Asian markets, as well as in the CIS
  • Developing venture capital infrastructure for companies
  • Organizing international venture capital events
  • Much more


Our company in its modern form was founded in 2019. However, it originated in 2008, since which time we have been actively engaged in venture capital investments, first in Russia, and further in the Baltic states, Germany, Europe, and other regions and countries. Since 2019, we have been specializing in the global market and the three fastest growing and most promising markets: the market of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries; the market of ASEAN; and the Indian market. We also continue to work with startups from the CIS. We have over 100 successful deals, 4 IPOs, and 4,000,000,000 rubles in investments. We are also one of the leading international companies involved in organizing venture capital events; every year, we organize more than 20 special events for our clients, venture capital funds, corporations, and private investors.

Our portfolio currently includes over 300 venture capital projects and startups from Russia, the CIS, and the MENA region, as well as from other parts of the world.


Do you want to cooperate with us and use our services or just learn more about them? Our relationships with startups are built on trust, honesty, and the desire to achieve joint success. We don’t sell anything — we help hundreds of startups around the world grow and develop. We know almost everything about registering and relocating startups to the UAE, KSA, and other Arab countries.

We believe that this is a truly unique opportunity for startups and projects from all over the world. Just leave a request, and we will contact you to tell you more:


  • Startup
  • Investor
  • Other
  • ITLeaders incubator
  • Registration in the UAE and Arab countries with subsidies and Hub support
  • Accelerators, incubators, grants, development programs
  • Startup Roadshow with investors in the UAE
  • Organization of the investment round
  • Become a co-investor in the best projects in the UAE
  • Other
  • The project has revenue
  • Ready MVP
  • Completely ready
  • A legal entity is founded
  • Private investments have already been attracted
  • Investments of funds have already been attracted
  • Participated in accelerators or incubators
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • MENA
  • South Asia (ASEAN)
  • India
  • Russia & CIS
  • EU
  • USA
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • Global Market
  • 25/03/2023 Online Event Arab Startup Day by ITLeaders