25.04.2023 Closing of the investment round of the GameGreed gaming tournament web3 platform. It remains to collect USD 500,000.

Dear partners and colleagues, it’s always great when you’ve done something really well. Therefore, we are pleased to announce about the last chance to become an investor in the unique gaming tournament platform GameGreed until April 25, 2023! Join us! The project is a resident of the world’s largest gaming hub Abu Dhabi Gaming, is fully ready, and the round has been almost collected, it remains to get USD 500,000 with project current being estimated at USD 10.000.000. This platform will be the main event of the gaming world in 2023-2024. We are sure!

The final presentation of either investment opportunities or more likely the full-scale launch of the project will take place on 25.04.2023. Sign up for the online event or send us a request to become a co-investor or a partner.

We will close this round no later than 25.04.2023 or earlier, after when signing an agreement with an investor for the remaining amount. We are waiting for one or more private investors or funds with a minimum amount of USD 100,000 and a maximum of USD 500,000. The jurisdiction of the project if the UAE.

For all questions about participation in the project, applications, request for presentation and additional information: info@itleaders.vc.
What has been done so far:

  1. The project has been fully implemented.
  2. Amazing results on attracting customers have been confirmed.
  3. Fully working marketing model.
  4. A super-successful business model has been confirmed.
  5. Up to 10,000 regular organic customers without advertising and before the official launch.
  6. The project TOKENS, which are the internal game currency, have been launched and almost fully distributed.
  7. The project became a resident of the largest gaming hub in the world – Abu Dhabi Gaming.
  8. Most of the investment round has been collected.
  9. We are waiting for one or more investors with a minimum amount of USD 100,000 and a maximum of USD 500,000.
  10. We are fully ready to press the start button and in 2023 receive more than 200,000 regular customers from all over the world, stable profitability, and a tenfold increase in the project value.

Buckle up, we’re going to the skies! The next stop is at least 10 times higher!


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